Minokamo Gakuen

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Minokamo Gakuen consists of Minokamo Junior High School and Minokamo Senior High School.

Minokamo Gakuen is located in the center of Japan in Minokamo city, Gifu prefecture, which has a beautiful natural environment. Our school is the ideal place for both studying and club activities.

About 150 students are enrolled in Minokamo Junior High School and about 900 students are in Minokamo Senior High School. We have many graduates who go on to high-ranking universities such as the highest educational institution of Japan, Tokyo University, as well as Kyoto University and Nagoya University. As for club activities, some students become professional baseball players or golfers. Other students go on work in different positions such as mayor or corporate executive.

We also have a sister school in Australia. As a part of international education, we have an exchange program. We have actively accepted returning Japanese students. Please let us know if you select a school in Japan

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